Expense Report Workflow

Expense Report Workflow
Expense Report Workflow

How a business keeps track of employee’s expenses, how it reports on these expenses, analyzes them, and approves and reimburses the employee can define a process that is easy and effective to use. However the opposite can be true. Many accounting systems are old fashioned, and employees often get stuck on doing things the slow and inefficient way due to their methodology and antiquated tools. A cliche image of a bookkeeper hunched over a stack of receipts and toiling over manually writing in a ledger comes to mind. Why use these old tools when easy to use modern, and efficient expense reports management software is available?

Companies must define an expense report workflow that makes sense from a technology point of view, but most importantly from a human point of view.

If the process is easy to understand, and is fast and powerful, then employees are more likely to keep better expense records, and feel good about submitting their expense reports in a timely and accurate manner.

Likewise if the accounting department has the tools to streamline and automate the expense workflow and to use as many modern mobile and desktop automated expense software tools then they too will find the expense report workflow easy to understand, and implement.

Expense Reports Automation

In a modern accounting office employees get bogged down in the mundane tasks of inputting data. A manager or employee goes to the bookkeeper, and drops off an envelope, or a box of receipts gathered on a business trip. The bookkeeper now gets to sit and type, and categorize all of these receipts, create reports and submit them for approval. That’s a silly waste of time when the tools are available to simply have that manager or employee take out their smart phone, snap a picture of their receipts as they dine, pay for books or other legitimate expenses, click the submit button and automatically categorize, add the total, and send the accounting department the receipts. The process can take a few seconds, and getting an expense can take but a few minutes. If the bookkeeper, or employee or manager needs to add a note, or change a total, or the category that takes but a second using a desktop version of the expense management software.

After an expense is approved it is a simple and fast task to reimburse the employee and deposit money directly into the employee’s bank account or credit their credit card.

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