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Expense Report Templates

expense report template
expense report template

In the old fashioned way of gathering receipts, writing up, and submitting expense reports for approval by managers, companies, large and small use Quickbooks, Excel, Office and Google Doc Expense Report Templates. Why is the key question for accounting department managers.

Why do things the old fashioned way, when there are completely new and modern tools to help you with the time consuming and pain of capturing receipts, writing and submitting expense reports? I suspect it is the issue of folks being used to a certain pattern in their work flow that gives them comfort. But what if workers spent less time on mind numbing data entry, and less time on comparing credit card statements and boxes of receipts? What if it were easier to pay bills and reimburse employees for their expenses? What about integrating seamlessly with your accounting software and at the end of the month having at your fingertips a comprehensive analysis of where expenses were going?

Instead of starting out with a ledger, why not start at the receipt? It’s a different mindset and work flow for reporting expenses. A template uses the idea of a ledger and converts that into a software version. It still required tedious data entry and typing.

Use an Expense Management App. This is a smart application that starts either with your smart phone camera to gather up receipts and eliminate the old paper trail. Or if desired, you can use a desktop scanner to scan images and immediately import into the App, and automatically OCR the receipt, categorize it, and quickly create an expense report. The idea is to STOP all the unneeded data entry. Of course you can still enter data manually and use a an Expense Report Template if you insist, but that’s silly right?