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Why you should be using Mobile Apps with Quickbooks

Why you should be using Mobile Apps with Quickbooks

Jacquie Platt writes a compelling article on why you should be using mobile apps with Quickbooks.

First she points out, that Intuit Killed off it’s own Quickbooks Mobile App, which pretty much opens up the field for Mobile Apps that work alongside Quickbooks Online and Quickbooks Enterprise.

Mobile Apps such as Tallie’s iOS and Android Mobile allow you to connect to your data at any time from anywhere as long as you have an internet connection. You can record a receipt by simply making a picture and immediately submit it for an expense report. But if for some reason you are out of cell phone range, or have no access to the internet at all, you can always make the picture of the receipt, and submit it later when you do have a connection.

And because apps like Tallie desktop and mobile are cloud based, you can connect and sync your Quickbooks and Expense Reporting Software at any time.

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expense management

Expense Reports Management

Expense Reports Management

Expense Reports Management is easy with the right tools. Tallie by Springahead is an integrated software suite that includes mobile expense reports management tools for the iPhone and Android, as well as a sophisticated desktop expense software solution.

Some of the better Expense Reports Management software tools are actually a suite of apps that include a Mobile Solution that lets you snap a photo of your receipts while you are at a store or a restaurant, then seamlessly let you click on a single button to automatically categorize, and submit the receipt for approval so you can get paid faster. Then when you get to the office your book keeper has the Desktop Solution that keeps track of you and other’s business expenses and lets them make any corrections or add any additional notes or combine other receipts, save them and give powerful reports and analytics. You know where money has been spent, on what and when, and at glance understand the big picture of your expenses.

Up next, Expense Approval Chain, and Automated Credit Card Transaction Management

Managing business and travel expenses can be a pain in the neck for administrators and staff, but with the right tools, you’ll improve the work flow for your employee expense reporting process. An improved Workflow begins with an Expense Approval Chain that is specifically designed to reduce data entry for admins, and thus speed up the process. You can approve expenses in a matter of minutes, by clicking on a button, and avoiding typing out details. Approve, and export to files your accounting system requires, or print to PDF or a hard copy. An Expense Approval Chain Configuration or setup allows admins to determine their path for employee filed expenses and reports. Speed up your time, your employee’s time, and greatly speed up employee reimbursement. Everyone is happier, and more productive.