Alternatives to Concur Expense

Finding an alternative to Concur Expense is my holy grail in this review of four expense report software packages.

I have worked for a number of companies over the years, and one thing that always annoyed me was filling out forms for legitimate expenses I incurred while doing company business. I was never high up enough in the corporate food chain to get my own company credit card, and to tell you the truth, I never had that many expenses. But when I did have expenses for things like books, trade shows, taxi rides, meals etc, I spent a ridiculous amount of time filling out spreadsheets, or of late using software to file my expense report.

The last bit of expense report management software I used was by a company called Concur. They are the bigwigs in the space of managing expenses. And the version of software my company used looked as though it was built pre-2000, with it’s rather crusty and obtuse user experience. They had no mobile version of their software, and so I was forced to keep copies of my expenses, then scan them, and upload them via my desktop computer. And the user interface was difficult and unintuitive to use, and both co-workers and I wondered if there was a User friendly Concur Alternative.

concur expense
concur expense

Of course there were an limited number of image file types supported, and unbelievably, they required, or requested you use an Operating System, and browser that I did not have, and that was Windows, and Internet Explorer. I certainly hope that newer versions of the software support all the major current browsers, and that you can use a mobile device.

Both my co-workers and I struggled to get Concur to work, and often had to try submitting and resubmitting multiple times before you were successful. Often a few days later an accounting person would email and say something was wrong with our reports, and we had to go back and try yet again.

Surely there is an Alternative to Concur Expense. And so I decided to go on a journey of trying other company’s software for filing expense reports.

On my list of possible expense report software, I have decided on looking back at Concur, as well as investigate Tallie Expense, Expensify, and Nexonia. These seem to be the biggest players in the expense report arena. Tallie Expense is a relatively new company on the block, and Expensify, Concur and Nexonia have been around for quite a while.

These days, all of the best expense software packages include a Mobile solution app for the two big Mobile platforms of iOS / iPhone, and Android. Less prevalent is Windows Phone apps. This is due no doubt to the general lack of Windows Phones in the Market. Same goes for the once unstoppable BlackBerry.

To be continued…

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