Expense Report Management Software Directory

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  1. Tallie Expense Report Software

    Tallie is the accounting profession's expense report solution. Tallie is comprehensive, cloud-based expense report software.

    Powerful Mobile Applications Credit Card Transaction Management Integrations with activity based sync Cloud Based in browser software Compliance and internal controls Flexible approval chain Dynamic Expense Generation Custom expense coding Data transfer Receipt processing Analytics Tools for global travelers Cutting Edge Technology and Security
  2. Zoho Expense

    Unique and powerful suite of software to run your entire business, brought to you by a company with the long term vision to transform the way you work.

    Debit, Credit, and Corporate Card Reconciliation Complete Expense Report Creation Easy Expense Report Approval Comprehensive Expense Analytics Accounting & Invoicing Online Reimbursement Business travel expense reports, simplified Reconcile corporate card expenses Expense report automation Reliable Receipt Tracking
  3. Broadridge Expense Management and Fee Validation

    A robust and comprehensive platform that analyzes expenses across vendors, allowing for more effective contract negotiation through its ability to perform vendor rate and fee comparison reporting.

    Rules-Based Calculation Straight-Through Processing Vendor Fee Comparison Fee and Trade Reconciliation Third-Party Integration Captures Fee Leakage Fee billing and expense calculation Invoice validation and reconciliation Core revenue and expense calculation engine
  4. Expensify Expense Management Software

    From receipt scanning to reimbursement, Expensify automates every step of the expense reporting process.

    One-Click Receipt Scanning Next-Day Reimbursement Automatic Approval Workflows Automatic Accounting Sync Introducing the Expensify Card. Multi-level approval workflows Expense reports with Expensify take 83% less time SmartScan your receipt Save time with automated expense management Simplify your receipt and expense management process
  5. Expense Report Automation

    Automated expense reports streamlines the report submission process from generation of a receipt, to capturing it, automatically categorizing an expense, and even automatically submitting for approval, and reimbursement.

    In some cases an employee might have a company credit or cash card with pre-determined maximum expense amount, automated increases when needed, and automatic categorization and submittal. In this case an employee only uses the credit card and everything else is automatically taken care. No muss, no fuss.

    auto reimbursement no reimbursement required auto expense increase automated expense reporting No paperwork No approval for an expense report required.

Expense Report Management Software Directory

The business world is awash with the cliche piles and piles of expenses. Sales folks, executives, manufacturer's representatives and many other employees who have expenses still do things the old way. That old way is filling up your wallet with receipts which are carried back to the office where a form or god forbid a spreadsheet is filled out in stupendous detail, and then submitted to who ever accepts and approves expense reports. I personally went through these same hoops to file a report for mileage for towing my kid's band trailer out of town using my own truck. I had to fill out a spreadsheet. I couldn't believe it. I ended up just donating the half tank of diesel to the band boosters rather than jump through the hoops. There's gotta be a better way.

At a previous company we used the Expense Report Software offered by Concur. What a bloody nightmare that was. You'd gather up your paper receipts, scan them and save the images to your computer. Then you'd login to Concur and start entering expenses. Along the way you discovered that a .png file was not allowed, or that it was more than a 100k in size or some other reason that those receipt images were not acceptable. You'd then find out that you had the start the process all over again, as you were not allowed to edit that expense. It was a complete exercise in frustration, and a giant time suck as filing a simple and legit business expense took up to 45 minutes of your precious time.

Enter easy to use and cheap to buy expense report management software. [More to come....]

Here's a variety of companies that offer Mobile and Desktop Expense Report Management Software.